About us

desma is a multi-discipline Engineering and Design Network operating in association in order to provide prompt and effective answers to both private and public sector all over the world.

Highly skilled professional engineers, urban designers and architects, supported by specific teams of accomplished technicians and specialists enable desma a particular agility in finding the ad hoc solutions in time and within the budget  as well as inspired to

- reliability

- safety

- environmental compatibility

- conformity with the standards in force

combined with Italian Style and care for design and harmony.

The specific competence of each of the partners, sorted among their specializations built over the years, make desma an absolute reference point for

- public agencies

- building-companies; as well as

- internationally recognized manufacturing groups

from concept design to the completion of the job, on turn-key basis, with customer  satisfaction.

All the companies of desma have adopted the certified quality system ISO 9001.

/ Urban Design

/ Landscape Architecture

/ Architectural design

/ Structural engineering

/ Road, Highway and Railway engineering

/ Inspection department

/ Technological Networks & Hydraulic engineering

/ Electrical & Mechanical engineering

/ Renewable energies

/ ITC engineering

/ Environmental engineering